First Week of Advent Meditation

Abbot Martin Veth's Advent Meditation

Abbot Martin Veth, c. 1940

Abbot Martin Veth invites us to meditate on the first week of Advent in a reflection he delivered in 1942.  The abbot wrote:  “It takes power, the power of an Almighty God, to save us from our sins and infirmities and to bring about a change in us and in all those from whom we pray.  It is hard work to “Cast off the works of darkness” (Epistle), to put to death our vanity, pride, sensuality, sloth and disobedience, and to “put on the Lord Jesus Christ” –meekness, humility, obedience, charity, religious perfection, the conversion of our morals.  “Holiness”, says St. Catherine of Genoa, “Consists primarily not in the absence of faults but in the presence of spiritual energy, grace, virtue, faith, charity.””

From, Custody of the Heart:  Selected Spiritual Writings of Abbot Martin Veth, O.S.B., Edited by William P. Hyland, PhD., page 7-8

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