Fourth Week of Advent Meditation


Abbot Martin Veth, c. 1940

Abbot Martin Veth, c. 1940

Advent reminder….God will take care of you!

Jesus comes to take care of you. Benedictine monk, Abbot Martin Veth, writes, “‘Throw thy care upon the Lord, and He will have care of you’ (Psalm 54:23). He came to take care of you and all your infirmities and sins, if you will only let Him, believe in Him, and hope in Him. He will do for you. We do him wrong when we mistrust Him, the power of His passion and death, of His Mass and Sacraments. How kind of him to say to us: … don’t worry about anything — count on me and I will look after you. Behold our joy! Faith and hope in him!”

From, Custody of the Heart:  Selected Spiritual Writings of Abbot Martin Veth, O.S.B., Edited by William P. Hyland, PhD., page 14

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