Benedictine Monks
St. Benedict’s Abbey
1020 N. 2nd Street
Atchison, KS 66002


Hello from a Benedictine monk.  The Lord provides and you have arrived.

My name is Fr. Brendan Rolling, OSB.  I am a Benedictine monk at St. Benedict’s Abbey near the geographic center of our Nation.

If you want some practical advice or insight into the life of Benedictine monks, you will find this site to be very helpful.  You will find out about our founder, St. Benedict, his vision for discipleship in Christ, the Benedictine way of life, spirituality, and St. Benedict’s Abbey.  The Benedictine charism spans the centuries and yet is lived every day.

The word, “monk,” is from the Greek word “monachus.”  It refers to the singular discipleship by which we follow Jesus Christ.  Benedictines are both brothers and priests.

Know of my prayers for you as you consider how Christ established the Order of St. Benedict to pray and work for his kingdom!

In Christ,

Fr. Brendan Rolling, OSB

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